Software Testing – One of the fastest-growing IT Field

To Err is human

Software Testing or Quality Assurance – One of the fast-growing field of IT right now. So let’s check what makes software testing – a fast-growing field of this era.

As the words say all Software Testing means to test software, whether it’s working as per the requirements or not, in normal words to make an application or software bug-free. Considering the software testing people say it’s as a cup of tea to check the software is working well or not; back your word because now software testing is not just about manual testing or just check the software functionalities. Software testing has turned now immense field as it’s now included Automation, Functional, Security, Load & Performance and last but not least the Mobile Testing. Developers who feel like software tester, making their code worst by finding bugs, but they forget software tester is the one who saved their days from releasing an application with many of the bugs. Normally Developers do the Unit testing while they are launching their build, then what makes software testing a big thing in the market.

Let’s jump out in the past not much, but about a decade ago, when FB wasn’t born – the Internet was a small thing. Not literally, but people have limited ideas of what the actual Internet thing is. It was the time when people have no interest in the Internet or not even know about that (Not even in India!). It was the time when a Big Bang happened on the internet when the software developer comes out with many new things with the Internet as Facebook arrived, Twitter-born which fired some social networking interests. Later, when Apple & Google threw their own iPhone & Android OS respectively, the IT market went wild with developers started to make their own applications. It’s the time when E-era started. Developers started to develop things which are only to be imagined at that time. The consequence of this thing comes out as people started to live in E-era where they can do things by the internet, like E-booking, E-mail, E-recharges. So developers are happy to play with codes and people are forgetting the waiting lines.

Source : HCL Technologies

But things are not so easy with a coin because it has two sides. Every positive thing has a part of negative as well (like Windows has Internet Explorer!). An old saying every fairy tales need an old-fashioned villain, so while making the world e-world developers forget a big E monster they are giving birth while playing with their codes. If you’re a real software tester you may know which E-monster I’m about to talk about. It’s called ERROR.  It can have many faces Defect, Bug, Issues, etc. The Error cost many companies financially and many times software errors in machines cause life losses as well. This lack of testing cost many companies their reputation as well.

This type of many software failures rings the bell to many companies. Now companies are not about to trust what their developers developing or what unit testing they’re doing. What companies see is they need some quality software or you can say bug-free software. So now it’s time for the software testing era and the E-monster developers are afraid of is now God for testers. This is not the end of the stories. Now customers are not just using functionalities.

With arriving applications in the market, people start to interact with the applications, which opens up a way for UI/UX testing as well. Every application people are using with thousands of devices. Customers don’t go with an application that works well, but the design fails the application. Every customer needs some eye-catching thing and thing which easier to use. The image displays how the testing market speeds up in the 21st century.

With coming, online transactions and money transfer companies are also coming up with security testing to secure their reputation.  Now software testing is not so old thing, every company now investing not in developing, but also they are coming to invest same with testing as well. Software testing would be there always on top in the market till developers are making mistakes and obviously

‘To Err is human’.

Rahul R