Why Software Testing is essential?

In the current age, software testing is become a necessity, because as human or machine, everyone makes mistakes and these mistakes are expensive or also sometimes cost lives as well. Let’s get an example, you’re cooking a dish and your taste that every time to ensure your dish tastes good and so you add extra things to make it perfect. The same thing happens with software as well. Whenever you’re making software, you always need to be sure that whatever you‘re building it builds perfectly.

Since we know that the mistakes made by us, we need to check our work, but sometimes happen whatever we work we think is right but possibly it’s wrong like doing bad assumptions or blind spots which you can miss. That’s why you should need someone else to find mistakes in your work and so you need software testing. It is just a small example of why software testing needed.

Following are the reasons why software testing is necessary.

  • You’ve to be sure what you’re building.

Whenever you’re building software, you’ve to be sure about what you’re making also what the customer requires. It’s always essential to be clear about the software at the start so that you can track defects in the development phase.

You need to be also confident about what you’re making works as intended, and that’s why what’s software testing do is make sure what you’re building is the same as what customers expect.

  • The prior thing for any product is its quality.

ISO 8402-1986 standard defines quality as “the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.”

The main thing for any product is its quality – it should deliver customer for what it’s built. Testing can also something like solving a variety of problems apart from functions like users might find the design of the product confusing, or the user doesn’t know how to use it.

Testing is also necessary to deliver a high-quality product or any software to the customer which is built quickly with less maintenance. The product should also be more accurate with the customer’s prospect and also be consistent to use.

  • There are numerous devices which might be using your product.

In real life, you neither know what the customer is going to do with your application nor don’t know where the customer will use your application. There are numerous variations of devices like phones, tablets, machines are available to use, also every other customer using different browsers or operating systems.

You always need to ensure that your application works accurately with all the devices functionally as well as by user perspective. It also important application remains responsive in all the devices it’s being used for customer satisfaction.

  • Something that works for you now, might not work later.

It always happens when people are all over your site, it might be enough to crash your site or sometimes annoy the customers with loading. For making your product performed well in any situation you always need testing. It happens with having lots of users load in your site might affect failure and sometimes also affect your business.

Software testing is always recommended to identify the threats to your product so that you can fix them to improve the performance and your site will always be running.

  • It is no use crying over spilled milk.

Ideally, software testing would have initiated in the starting phase of development. Check the graph showing cost of software failure against each development phase. Early testing would also prevent test delays as well it gives enough time for fixing the issues as well.

SDLC Detection Cost

It has always discovered that many software testing errors identified at the testing phase might be held if testing has been started on the requirement phase or design phase. Bugs that are found at the start of developing is always cheaper to resolve than the issue found in a later phase of the software. So, it’s always important to plan the testing on the SDLC phase.

A small missing issue can also affect major things and your business as well, like saying, Prevention is better than cure, it’s always easy to prevent things on early-stage than to resolve it after the damage is done.

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